Ox Drilling is committed to operations and practices, which prevent harm and damage to environment or property. The following principles for Safety, Health, Environment and Community (SHEC) resulting from the company’s ethical conviction take precedence and apply throughout the group. We actively manage SHEC as an integral part of our business and operation practices, and apply comprehensive SHEC management systems. We require that all of our management and workers comply in their area of responsibility with the applicable laws and internal and external SHEC requirements. We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and business practices as well as to optimize the use of natural resources by our processes and products. We will maintain a safe workplace environment for our employees and provide appropriate information and training to increase their skills and promote their safety, health, environment and community awareness. All employees have a fundamental responsibility for SHEC matters at work. We are committed to continual improvement of our SHEC performance and measure the progress by specific SHEC performance indicators. We promote measure to increase the eco-efficiency of our projects and optimize our SHEC costs, while maintain the technological competitiveness. We operate only processes, apply technologies and develop and handle products, which are assessed for their SHEC risks. Safe handling and use of our products is to be guaranteed internally as well as communicated externally. New or modified processes and installations must be subjected to a systematic risk assessment prior to introduction. We have emergency procedures in place and emergency response organizations at all of our sites to control and to limit the impact of incidents and threats. All internal and external communication channels in case of an emergency are defined and operable. We periodically audit our operations, business and management practices at all our sites with regard to SHEC performance and compliance we openly communicate and provide information on our SHEC performance to our employees, customers, governmental authorities and the public at large. Ox Drilling wants to ensure that its business practices conform to its ethical conviction and the principles of sustainable development.

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